Our expertise and fresh perspective bring a new approach to solving complex issues and offer practical steps to expanding your business. We define the desired outcomes, identify a team of experts, gather and analyze data and inputs and submit our final recommendations


We offer capacity building workshops, in person and
online, for individuals and larger groups. Our coaches,
who have experience training senior political figures and
Fortune 500 executives across the globe, will use a cuttingedge hands-on approach that includes a combination of
simulation, role-play and practical exercises.


Charbel Raji-Entrepreneur, Political & Communication Advisor


In a crisis, you always have control over one thing: how you respond. We help you crystallize a recovery plan and uphold the company’s public image in the eyes of stakeholders, employees and the media. Together, we will identify the right tools to lead your organization in complicated and unforeseen situations, shape the narrative and communicate strategically. We will work with you to identify the “new normal” and implement effective steps in order to regain trust, strengthen relationships with stakeholders and lay the ground for any new changes that are made to the company’s previous business model and working modalities.

Charbel Raji-Entrepreneur, Political & Communication Advisor


Our team has substantial experience in handling crisis communications in political conflicts, humanitarian crises, corporate scandals, disease outbreaks and natural disasters. We will share those vital lessons learned, help you develop a contingency plan and activate a crisis network. Having a recovery plan after a crisis is as important if not even more important as the management of the crisis itself. We will conduct with your team a post-mortem analysis and formulate a corporate communication strategy in light of the new changes, in order to rebuild trust with partners, move transition crisis network objectives into post-crisis objectives, tackle new issues and use message amplifiers

Charbel Raji-Entrepreneur, Political & Communication Advisor


Based on the latest communication trends and an in-depth mapping of your working sector, we work with you to build a solid and effective public information strategy. Our interactive workshops will keep you abreast of the latest communication trends to build the basis for your advocacy framework. The focus will be on strengthening and improving editing skills to draft communication products, building media networks and shoring up multimedia platforms, including social media while monitoring results and tracking progress

Charbel Raji-Entrepreneur, Political & Communication Advisor


Because of our vast network of media contacts in North America, Europe and the Middle East, we understand how to build and maintain successful partnerships with key media players and we will help you maximize your relationships so it becomes a consistent ally in distributing your company’s messages and reflecting its vision. Our interactive workshops will keep you abreast of the latest communication trends and will help you in drafting communication tools, developing multimedia advocacy campaigns based on your organization’s strategic priorities, organizing press events and collaborating with influencers and thematic experts

Charbel Raji-Entrepreneur, Political & Communication Advisor


Glossophobia, or a fear of public speaking, is one of the most common phobias that afflict our population. We will equip you with the right tools to manage the anxiety, communicate with your target audience and deliver your message with clarity and confidence. Through practical exercises, you will be able to frame your messages in an engaging way, control your body language, your eye contact and your voice to command audience attention, and learn key tips and tricks to successfully sell your pitch and make a lasting impression

Charbel Raji-Entrepreneur, Political & Communication Advisor


Whether your appearance is on TV, radio, in print, online or over Zoom/Skype, our workshops are based on practical simulation exercises that mirror the experience of being in a live interview or meeting. We will help refine your messages, prepare you for unexpected questions and work with both your body language and your voice so that you can keep your cool and engage your audience when you’re in the hot seat.

Charbel Raji-Entrepreneur, Political & Communication Advisor


Your branding is much more than the shape and colors of a logo. It is the analysis of your customers’ perception in every single facet of your business. We are here to help you develop a branding that creates an emotional connect with your target audience, in order to generate loyalty and shape your presence in the market.

Charbel Raji-Entrepreneur, Political & Communication Advisor


If you are a public figure, chances are no matter what industry you are in that you are being scrutinized at every turn. However, it is within your control to shape your image and decide what impression you would like to give. Our coaching program provides high-profiled figures celebrities, politicians, business executives and artists with on-call, personalized private consulting and training in the art of communication. In addition to on-call consulting, we offer customized trainings both in-person and by remote, so that you can have access to our services wherever you are in the world. Rooted in practical role-play exercises, our trainings allow you to connect with your audience, work on your style and looks, improve your confidence, manage your body language and maximize your success.