My YouTube Channel

It is vibrant time in the Middle East with many calls for change. But polarization, misinformation and bigotry are epidemics that have gone global and now manifest themselves in every aspect of our lives. It is more important than ever before to fight these illnesses with information and inspiration.

I have traveled all over the world and devoted my professional career to informing, inspiring and building bridges between different cultures, religions and ideologies. I want to now use my expertise in communications and international affairs to inform and inspire my digital community.

My YouTube channel will offer my no-spin, personal perspective on current affairs and cultural trends happening in the Middle East. More than ever before people need objective, informative information and positive messaging. My channel will also introduce my audience to inspirational change makers who are making a difference in the Arab region and who you need to know. I want this page to become your online dose of motivation to become informed and a change maker yourself.

The Youtube channel will focus on 3 main categories:

  • Current affairs in the Middle East

Short videos providing my own interpretation and perspective on hot political and social topics in the Middle East. The videos will have infographics and will help viewers getting a clear and objective view of the root causes of what has happened in the region in the recent years.

  • Interviews with Change Makers in the Middle East

Interviews with senior political figures, artists, bloggers, opinion leaders, with in-depth knowledge who have made a difference in their communities.

  • Cultural & social trends:

Short videos providing viewers with peculiar cultural / social aspects that are interesting for both western and Middle-Eastern viewers.

TV Shows

Murex d’or:

Murex d’Or are the most important yearly awards in the Middle East. These episodes profiled on a weekly basis the nominees, from all categories, with short interviews and reports about their work in addition to live interviews with regional celebrities.


Tkhayyal is the first Reality-TV online show in the Middle East. Each episode introduces us to people struggling in their own ways, and as the show goes on, we do our utmost possible to help them.